Archived Webinars

Getting Paid Part 1

This is a short webinar about getting paid and following the correct payment procedures. Just start the video.

Getting Paid Part 2

This is our second webinar dealing with payment and using adjudication where you are not being paid or your work is being undervalued or claims contra charged against it.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Legal

This is a link to a seminar on BIM and the legal issues where I co-presented. The legal issues have not changed so it is still a good reminder of what to think about.

NEC4 Programming

This is the link to the NEC users conference June 2021 where I presented with Manoj Bahl on programming in the NEC4 ECC contract. The ECC deals with delay and extensions of time in its own way. Have a look at how the contract works in detail and what is good planning/programming of the project.