Adjudication resources

Adjudication resources. For more information about adjudication the CIC has a guide to adjudication and the Adjudication Society has many resources. The statutory right to adjudicate is contained within the Housing Grants Construction & Regeneration Act 1996 as amended The rules that apply may be defined in your contract. If they are not or the […]

Clarity sought on COVID 19 lockdown

Clarity sought on COVID 19 lockdown. The Chair of the CLC, Andy Mitchell, has been in dialogue with the Cabinet Office since the Prime Minister’s announcement at 8-30pm this evening.  Officials are working to secure the much needed clarification, which may take until the morning, and it is clear that this does not mean that […]

COVID-19 Payment and Adjudication

COVID-19 Payment and Adjudication. As government guidance continues to be issued daily there is considerable uncertainty as to how contracts will be performed. Further guidance on the operational considerations is due from Build UK.    In terms of payment and enforcing payment of contractual entitlements, the payment provisions and structures of the Construction Act have […]

Adjudicating Low Value Disputes

Adjudicating Low Value Disputes. On the 4th of June 2019 the CIC’s ADR and Management Board issued a consultation on a Low Value Disputes Model Adjudication Procedure (“CIC LVD MAP”). The publication of the consultation coincides with launch on the 21st of June 2019 of the TeCSA Low Value Disputes Adjudication Service (“TeCSA LVDAS”). Both these initiatives […]

Lost in Politics 2019 – still in transition and that political uncertainty

Lost in Politics 2019 – still in transition and that political uncertainty. It is ironic that, on the day the elected government suffered the greatest defeat in modern times, creating great uncertainty, a private member’s bill that would create much greater financial security for the construction supply chain was introduced into the House of Commons. Another […]

RIP – Cash Flow ?

RIP – Cash Flow? The recent decision of Grove Developments Ltd v S&T (UK) Ltd [2018] EWHC 123 (TCC)  The case is of interest in that the court considered some of the common problems that case law has attempted to address in relation to the Housing Grants  Construction and Regeneration Act 1996(as amended) (‘the Construction […]

New Year – new Industry ?

New Year – new Industry? Since the New Year began we have seen a number of events and announcements that suggest that the existing supply structures for the construction industry are broken.  Dame Judith Hackett published her interim report with the startling conclusion that the system is not fit for purpose at the most basic […]

Unlocking Payment Disputes – Payment Notices and Adjudication

Unlocking Payment Disputes – Payment Notices and Adjudication. The construction sector has been notorious for late payment and non-payment for many years. So much so, that the government has intervened to regulate payment in this sector to a degree that it has not done in any other sector. Whether you get paid is no longer […]

NEC4 Managing the programme

NEC4 Managing the programme. The NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) contract issued in June this year makes some important changes to the procedure for managing the programme under the contract. The programme performs a dual function under the NEC ECC contract. First, it is the basis for managing the work, requiring considerable detail of […]